Tag: STM32

Understanding GPIOs

As you may know memory holds code and data for the CPU to process ,and  the I/ O ports are used by the CPU to access input and output devices. In the microcontroller we have two types of I/ O. They are: a. General Purpose I/ O (GPIO): The GPIO...


Introduction to UART

Computers transfer data in two ways: parallel and serial. In parallel data transfers, often eight or more lines (wire conductors) are used to transfer data to another device. In serial communication, the data is sent one bit at a time. In the...


Understanding the Systick Timer

The System tick timer is present in all arm cortex-m microcontrollers. Irrespective of whether it is STM32,LPC, Tiva C etc. The System tick timer allows the system to initiate an action on a periodic basis. This action is performed internally at...